Team Members

Dr. S Sacchidanand , MD, DVD, DHA, FRCP (Glasgow)

Chief Patron

Dr. S Sacchidanand, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru, is a renowned Dermatologist who has all along excelled both in curricular and extracurricular activities. As a Vice Chancellor he has committed himself to produce young health care professionals in all faculties who are socially, morally and ethically responsible and also trained to deal with fellow human beings with dignity and compassion. He is continually striving not only to make Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences a centre of excellence academically but also to enhance the social responsibility of the University by bringing several stake holders in the Health care delivery system on a common platform to work towards development of schemes that are socially relevant and benefits the community at large. JeevaRaksha he proclaims is the flagship Program of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. On the occasion of the silver jubilee of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences he is committed to unveil diverse and socially relevant programs.