Why people love Jeevaraksha

"Second night as MO, had a Myocardial Infarction case, managed the scenario as per the protocol and was able to refer the patient in 10 minutes and the patient reached higher centre within 30 mins of arrival at RHTC, could perform well as team leader. Thank you."

Shashank Kini

"A 42 year old male with cobra bite attended our Emergency Department in respiratory arrest. He was promptly intubated and revived by our team. He was then safely transferred to Mysore for intensive care. But for the training we would not have been able to save this father’s life. The staff were v....

Dr. Chaithanya Prasad Medical Director, Vivekananda Memorial Hospital, Saragur

"I don't know if my tourniquet saved her or not. I think she’d have definitely gone into hemorrhagic shock even with moderate bleeding for an hour. This is how Emergency Care and Life support training helped me to save a life. Thanks a lot for everything sir."

Dr. T Ikshudhanva House Surgeon, BMCRI1